Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is by far the most popular service, so one has to be exceptionally good at it to stay relevant. If we were a bit arrogant, we would say we know everything about it – however, we know there is always room for professional growth and that perfection knows no limits. We firmly believe that every wedding is special and unique, and your wedding day will be almost as exciting and captivating for us as it will for you. Yes, we do put our heart into all our wedding photoshoots, which is why you will never get blank, lifeless pictures from us – we will give you an opportunity to re-live your best memories as often as you wish.

Engagement Photography

Engagement definitely deserves a special place in your and your partner’s hearts. Your wedding day is yet to come – make sure you have not missed a single moment before it while you and your partner are only going to become a happy family. The day of engagement, when two loving people announce their desire to be together forever, is full of tenderness and delicacy of emotions flavored with excitement. No wonder that engagement photography requires a great deal of tact and savoir-faire from a photographer, who has to be extremely careful to catch the right moment. By choosing this service, you will preserve this special day so that its magic will never fade.

Family Photography 

Ever thought of becoming a photographer? Or do you simply feel you would like to know how to take amazing snapshots of special moments of your life? Our Photography Training Courses will provide you with the technical tools you need to take the best photos, and will teach you how to let your hidden creativity emerge. You will be surprised of what you will be able to achieve.

Videographer in Dubai

It is hard to find a more picturesque landscape than that offered by Dubai and its surrounding – as if Mother Nature created it to become the best shooting place on our beautiful planet. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly professional team members, shooting a video, be it a short movie or a video message, becomes an unforgettable experience. We are happy to make your dream come true and are always open to discuss your ideas. In 2016, we are also pleased to offer you special videography packages designed for those who want to get more at a reasonable price

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Event Photography

Event photography is not supposed to be dull and over-official – after all, every important event brings emotions and impressions which should be preserved by the capable hands of a photographer. Our experience in this branch of photography shows that it is not just about capturing the brightest moments of the events - which, surely, matters as well. Event photography is also about preserving the ambience of the ceremony or conference, which is challenging but exciting. As usual, we never compromise the quality of our work, so a great number of guests or poor lighting are never a problem for us.

Corporate Photography 

If you are looking for a highly professional photographer that will contribute to your company’s image, you have found them. We know how to deal with people who care about their image and want to be distinctive and recognizable. However, even when things are getting incredibly serious, we are aimed at doing our work in the most enjoyable way – both for our customers and for ourselves. This important photoshoot will be an agreeable experience, while the result will provide a solid foundation for your business promotion and brand-building.

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Professional Photography Services in Dubai